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Township of Chapleau

Chapleau Crown Game Preserve

Chapleau, Ontario is home to the largest Crown Game preserve in the world. With over 2 million acres of land, the game preserve is home to many different kinds of fauna and flora.

Wildlife you're likely to see

calf moose standing in grass

Bald EagleLoon
Black BearsMoose
Broad - Winged HawkOsprey
DucksRed Fox
FishersRiver Otters
Great Blue HeronSeveral Species of Owls
Large Sand Hill CraneWolves

The beautiful scenery alone makes the drive through the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve worthwhile. Actually seeing any wildlife is just a bonus. Spend a few hours, the day, or even several days exploring the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve.

Black Bear in Chapleau Crown Game Preserve

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