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Township of Chapleau


Electronics Recycling

bin full of electronics to be recycled

An electronics collection site is located at the Chapleau Municipal Landfill.  The site is authorized by the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA).  The Electronic Products Recycling Association, ensures that end-of-life electronics are handled in a safe, secure and environmentally-sound manner.

The products are then sent to audited and approved specialized recyclers for processing.  New technology is used to break down old technology and harvest the raw materials that went into them including glass, plastics, and precious metals like gold and copper.  Substances of concern like mercury and lead, are also handled responsibly to protect both the environment, and the health and safety of the workers handling them. The recovered materials are then put back into the manufacturing supply chain and used to make new products.

When you bring your old, end-of-life electronics to EPRA-authorized locations, you’re helping to:

  • Keep old electronics out of landfills
  • Prevent them from being illegally exported or handled by irresponsible recyclers
  • And recover and recycle valuable resources that can be put back into the manufacturing supply chain

Items dropped off will not be reused. However, we recommend that you remove and erase all data from computers and laptops, SIM cards and other storage devices in cell phones, digital cameras or digital printers prior to drop off.

The community diverts approximately 5 Tonnes of e-waste per year from our landfill.

See the list of accepted items.

Battery Recycling

batteries with recycle symbolThe Township of Chapleau recycles Single Use Alkaline and Rechargeable Batteries through the Battery Recycling program with Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority (RPRA).

Residents can drop their batteries off at the Civic Centre as well as Chapleau Hydro.



Batteries Accepted:

Batteries found in household items such as toys, remote controls, cameras, laptops, etc. are accepted, including:

Nickel Metal Hydride
Silver Zinc (Silver Oxide)
Nickel Cadmium
Mercury Oxide
Lithium Ion
Lithium Cells

Vehicle Batteries are NOT ACCEPTED

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