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Attention Chapleau Hydro Customers

Electricity retailers may be contacting you and offering a variety of prices and contract options. There are some things you should know about electricity choices before you choose to sign with a retailer.

By default, you Local Distribution Company, Chapleau Hydro will continue to supply you with electricity. You don't have to switch companies, unless of course, you would like to. Regardless of who supplies you electricity, Chapleau Hydro will deliver it to your home or business.

When an electricity retailer offers you a guaranteed fixed price, understand the pricing being offered is the cost of electricity only. Electricity is only a portion of your bill. The balance of the bill includes Delivery, Regulatory, and Debt Retirement charges.


You do not have to show a retailer your current Electricity Bill. There is information on your bill that a retailer is not entitled to, unless you have agreed to sign a contract.

Know your contractual risks and responsibilities if you switch to a retailer. Contracts signed can bind you to terms as long as five years. Read the fine print. You could be signing away your right to price stabilizing energy rebates. Are there any penalties involved if you want to leave before the retailer contract ends?  

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) regulates the Provinces electricity sector in the public interest. Starting May 1st, 2006 prices for Regulated Price Plan (RPP) consumers who buy their electricity commodity from a utility will be 5.8 cents per kilowatt hour (up from the current 5.0 cents) for electricity up to a certain threshold per month and 6.7 cents per kilowatt hour (up from the current 5.8 cents) for consumption above that threshold. The monthly threshold for the lower price is set at 600-kilowatt hours during the summer season, from May to October and at 1,000-kilowatt hours for the winter season of November to April. The threshold for non-residential consumers that are eligible for the price plan will remain at 750 kilowatt hours per month throughout the year.

Neither your local distribution company nor any retailer can project what the electricity rates and prices will be until formal notification has been given by the Ontario Energy Board.

For more information regarding electricity retailers, electricity rates, and prices, or if you are experiencing a problem with an electricity retailer, the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has a dedicated consumer relations center to answer questions or concerns. You can call toll free: 1-877-632-2727 or Email:

We suggest that you keep this notice for future reference.  Chapleau Hydro Phone 864-0111

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