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Township of Chapleau

Collection Schedule

The Township's household garbage collection schedule is listed in the table below.

Please have your items to the roadside no earlier than 10:00pm the evening of pickup.  


Day of Collection

Area 1:

Planer Road and Golf Course area (includes; Planer, Brown, Martel, Golf Course, Demers, Richard, Lynne, Sean, Adele, Derek, Rolly).

Sunday Evening

Area 2:

All residential streets south of Birch Street, but not including Birch Street. (includes; Lorne south, Lansdowne south, Aberdeen south, Grey South, Cedar, Oak).

Tuesday Evening

Area 3:

All residential streets west of the CPR tracks (includes; Monk, Elgin, Queen, King, Elm, Ash, Maple, Dufferin, Teak).Highway #129 and Buccarelli area (includes; all of Hwy #129, Rate, Buccarelli, Parliament, Government)


Wednesday Evening

Area 4:

All of Birch and Riverside, north to the river (includes; both sides of Birch and Riverside, Lisgar, Pine, Beech, Cherry, Minto, Devonshire, Connaught, Grey north, Aberdeen north, Lansdowne north, Lorne north).

Thursday Evening

Collection Area Map English/French

In order to assist our operators in the collection of your refuse, please adhere to the following conditions:

  1. Your refuse must be located at curbside or outside edge of snowbank during the winter season.
  2. Certain containers can pose a health and/or safety hazard to the refuse operator. i.e. open bags, obstruction of access to the container
  3. There is a six (6) bag limit, not exceeding 40 lbs per bag.
  4. Bags must be of the standard green garbage bag size. Small white shopping bags are unacceptable. All loose cardboard, pizza boxes etc. must be bundled or bagged.
  5. Items not acceptable in refuse collection: animal excrement, grass clippings, building products, wood, metals, plastics, paints, or ashes from fireplaces
  6. Failure to follow the above regulations may result in your refuse not being collected.

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