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Township of Chapleau


The Township of Chapleau owns and operates three Cemeteries. Township administrative staff are responsible for the management of these Cemeteries.

The Catholic Cemetery and the Protestant Cemetery on Birch Street were transferred to the care and control of the Township of Chapleau in the early 70`s as the respective Churches were unable to manage and maintain these cemeteries, which are now full and plots are no longer sold.

The third cemetery, the Township Cemetery, is located on Highway 129 and is a fully operational cemetery. This cemetery is closed seasonally from November to May to protect the access road. Information related to the sale of plots and internments is available at the Township Office. Other limited information including obituaries and family information is available at the Chapleau Public Library.

Lot Decorations

Because certain types of lot decorations are not in harmony with the development of the cemetery as a whole, or because they may intensify maintenance problems, the Township of Chapleau regulates lot decorations, which include all structures, ornaments, candles, plantings or other embellishments.

Please be reminded that only one (1) artificial or fresh wreath or floral arrangement shall be permitted on any single lot from May 1st to October 15th.  If such decorations are not removed by the 15th day of October, they shall be considered abandoned and may be disposed of by cemetery staff. 

By-Law 2014-17 states that all funeral flowers, containers and other equipment shall be removed from the grave site within seven (7) days after the internment.  If they are not removed within this time period, they will be considered abandoned and may be disposed of by Cemetery staff.

All other lot decorations, including solar lights, flower beds, and other perishable or destructible materials are prohibited. 

Thank you for helping to keep the Cemeteries clean.

For further information, please contact the Civic Centre.



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