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Township of Chapleau


The Township's Planning Department is the responsibility of the Chief Administrative Officer. The professional services of a Planner are out sourced as needed. 

The Township has an approved Official Plan and an approved Comprehensive Zoning By-Law. The Township does not have the authority to approve amendments to its Official Plan. It does have authority to approve amendments to its Comprehensive Zoning By-Law, grant consents to sever land and to grant minor variances in accordance with regulations under the Planning Act Applications for Official Plan amendments, Comprehensive Zoning By-Law amendments, consents and minor variance are available on line. The Planning Department is also responsible for zoning searches, subdivision agreements and plans of subdivision.  


 Official Plan Documents

 Official Plan - Consolidated with Mods - March 22, 2013
 Official Plan Schedule 1 - Land Use Plan
 Official Plan Schedule 2 - Natural Heritage and Constraints
 Official Plan Schedule 3 - Transportation


 Zoning Documents & Maps

Township of Chapleau Zoning By-Law  

Township of Chapleau Zoning By-Law - Maps










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