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Township of Chapleau


The Township's Planning Department is the responsibility of the Chief Administrative Officer. The professional services of a Planner are out-sourced as needed. 

The Township has an approved Official Plan and an approved Comprehensive Zoning By-Law. The Township has the authority to approve amendments to its Official Plan and Comprehensive Zoning By-Law, to grant consents to sever land and to grant minor variances in accordance with regulations under the Planning Act. Application forms are available on line. The Planning Department is also responsible for zoning searches, subdivision agreements and plans of subdivision.  

If you are considering installing a shipping container on your property, please review this document which describes the Township's policies and the required application process.


 Official Plan Documents

 Official Plan - Consolidated with Mods - March 22, 2013
 Official Plan Schedule 1 - Land Use Plan
 Official Plan Schedule 2 - Natural Heritage and Constraints
 Official Plan Schedule 3 - Transportation


 Zoning Documents & Maps

Township of Chapleau Zoning By-Law  

Township of Chapleau Zoning By-Law - Maps


Notice of Public Meeting - Consent: 15 Pineland Road -EN

Notice of Public Meeting - Consent: 15 Pineland Road -FR 




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