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Township of Chapleau


The Township's Building Department, through the Chief Building Official, is responsible for enforcing the Ontario Building Code. This is accomplished through the review of building permit applications, issuance of building permits and follow up inspections. 

This department also issues building demolition permits and works with the Fire Department to ensure compliance with the Fire Code. In addition to the above, the building department is responsible for the enforcement of the Township's Maintenance Occupancy Standards By-law. 

The Township's in house policy encourages the continual and ongoing inspection of properties to ensure that violations are kept to a manageable level thereby keeping the Community a safe, clean, good looking place where citizens are proud of their property and willing to continue to reinvest.  This policy helps to maintain real estate values for every taxpayer. Online building permit applications are available.

If you are considering installing a shipping container on your property, please review this document which describes the Township's policies and the required application process.

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