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Township of Chapleau


Girl welcoming her grandmother to ChapleauChapleau seniors are at the heart of the community.

They are a dynamic force behind many of Chapleau's service clubs and volunteer groups.

Seniors' Clubs

Chapleau seniors are active in two main groups, the Chapleau Senior Citizens Club (English) and Club Maria Chapdelaine (French).

The groups often work together to achieve common goals.


Services de santé de Chapleau Health Services (SSCHS) manages Cedar Grove, a geared-to-income apartment building for seniors. Cedar Grove has 23 units and a small waiting list. There are also Long Term Care units at the hospital site, which presently has a waiting list.

Maison Boreal Home is a proposed seniors' residence to bridge the gap between seniors living independently in their own homes and the Long Term Care offered by SSCHS. The proposed residence is the work of a dedicated group of Chapleau seniors to address the need for housing in the community.

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