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Township of Chapleau

Community Services

Federal Representation

Image of Carol Hughes, MPChapleau is part of the federal riding of

Our Member of Parliament is Carol Hughes.

Constituency Clinics are held regularly in Chapleau at the Civic Centre.

Email for Carol Hughes MP

Schedule for Carol Hughes MP.
Email for Carol Hughes MP.

 Ottawa Elliot Lake Kapuskasing
 Room 960
 La Promenade Building
 Ottawa ON  K1A 0A6
 Phone: 613-996-5376
 Fax: 613-995-6661
 Unit 1 - 10 Paris Drive
 Elliot Lake ON  P5A 2L9
 Toll Free: 1-855-297-4200
 Phone: 705-848-8080
 Fax: 705-848-1818
 12-B Byng Road
 Kapuskasing ON  P5N 1W3
 Toll Free: 1-800-920-2057
 Phone: 705-335-5533
 Fax: 705-337-6869

Provincial Representation

Chapleau is represented by Michael Mantha, Member of Provincial Parliament for Algoma-Manitoulin.  

Michael Mantha MPP

 Queen's Park      
 Elliot Lake

 Room 160

 Main Legislative Building

 Queen's Park

 Toronto ON  M7A 1A5

 Phone: 416-325-1938

 Fax: 416-325-1976


 Unit 1 - 10 Paris Drive
 Elliot Lake ON  P5A 2L9
 Toll Free: 1-800-831-1899
 Phone: 705-461-9710
 Fax: 705-461-9720

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