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Township of Chapleau


Chapleau's excellence in tourism is a point of pride for many.

Fly-in fishing camps, lodges, and outfitters are abundant and well equipped in the Chapleau area. In 2011, Chapleau was named the World Fishing Network's Ultimate Fishing Town Canada confirming our reputation as a world-class destination for fishing tourism. 

There are over 20 outfitters, lodges, and guides in the Chapleau area. Find their businesses and contact information in the Chapleau Business Directory

Quick Facts on Chapleau's Tourism Sector

Estimated Employment: 60-80 jobs

Employers: Outfitters, lodges, and motels

Products: Fly-in fishing, big and small game hunting, Annual Ice Fishing Derby, motel accomodations, training courses, youth trips, wilderness expeditions, cultural experiences

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